Ooran Host Club Book Tag

Hello blogosphere! I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. I have finally prepared another Book Tag for you guys. Enjoy 😊


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  • Answer all the questions below! (You don’t have to watch the show to answer them.)
  • Tag 8+ bloggers!

Thank You icebreaker 694 for tagging me. Even though I don’t know this anime, I still enjoyed doing it! Hopefully I’ll get to watch it soon. Everyone go check out here amazing blog here!

Now onto the tag:

Theme song- A misleading character.

Rhys from A Court of Throns and Roses for obvious reasons! I LOATHED his guts in the first book! He appeared vile and disgusting and I couldn’t stand him at all! But oh how wrong was I? Now he’s my most beloved male character in fiction!

Haruhi-A character every other character loves.

Inej from Six of Crows. She’s the one character in the book that everyone else liked and tolerated. Everyone else always ended up arguing.

Tamaki-A character who started a movement.

Thomas from the Maze Runner.

Kyoya-A character with parental issues.

Which character in any YA book doesn’t have parental problems?! It seems that everyone’s parents are evil or dead! But I’m going to go with Jace Herondale from The Mortal Instruments.

Kaoru and Hikaru-Brotherly love.

I gotta agree with icebreaker’s answers for this because Jem and Will have the best bromance EVER! But my second choice would be Darrow and Sevro from Red Rising because come on! Those two are hilarious and lovely together!

Mori-A character who is scary on the outside, but is a bundle of fluff on the inside.
Apollo from The Apollo Trials! He tries to be the mighty terrifying god that must be worshipped by all but in truth he’s just fabulous and adorable!

Honey-A character who likes to eat.

Ron from Harry Potter for sure! Whenever I picture Ronald Weasley, all I see is him stuffing himself with chicken wings. πŸ˜‚

Renge-A tag-along character.

Grover from Percy Jackson. He always joined Percy and Annabeth on their quests to save the world from the gods.

Nekozawa-A character who likes the dark side.

Allie from Blood of Eden. After she turned into a vampire, she joined the dark side for a while and she enjoyed it and found it easier than the constant struggle for good.

I Tag:

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Do you agree with my answers or would you have chosen different characters? Let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful day!



9 thoughts on “Ooran Host Club Book Tag

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my tag. Ugh you have no idea, my ACOTAR review was just me complaining about him. Everyone in the comment section told me that I’ll see in the next book how much my opinion will change and boy were they right πŸ˜€


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