My return to the blogosphere!

Hello lovely bloggers! (I know it’s late to wish you a happy new year but HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR!)I’ve been absent from my blog for nearly a whole month which is UNFORGIVABLE, I know! There is a valid reason though: during the winter holidays I had plans to blog every single day but after 2 days of not studying and chilling my laptop stopped working! It was my only means of posting on my blog and it was the holidays so I couldn’t get it fixed. I became very very depressed as all my great blogging plans for Christmas and New Years were ruined! I had to force myself to stop reading because I wanted to review everything I read. January was a hard month because I found out that my laptop couldn’t be fixed and I couldn’t read either. Right now I’m using a temporary computer but I will blog from but much less than before. Right now I’m still stuck in the worst reading slump I’ve ever been in but as soon as I finish reading something I’ll review it and fill my blog again with reviews and tags again! To occupy my free time I started watching Avatar The Last Airbender and other animes which are great but I still want to hold a book again!


And again I apologize for not commenting and liking anyone else’s posts, I’ll try to catch up on all the things I’ve missed. It’s great to be back here, to be honest.

Happy Reading!


12 thoughts on “My return to the blogosphere!

  1. I’m sorry your laptop broke! That’s horrible! I think it’s even worse that you can’t read and review, but you can still continue to read right? You can also review it on paper maybe and then type it out when you’ve got a new laptop.

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    1. Yeah I realised that after a while but I am in a reading slump so I can’t do anything. I’ve tried reading several books that I’ve been excited to read but it’s no use. I feel like the slump will disappear once I read some reviews and get into it again.

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      1. I never have really been in a reading slump, so I wouldn’t know how to get out of one. But you could try listening to an audiobook, or rereading one of your favourites maybe?

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    1. Thanks! I just read your advice on slumps. I’ll try reading something short and easy if I can for now. I hope it works and that I escape this terrible slump! My tbr list is huge right now so finding something I like shouldn’t be hard.

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