Fangirl Alert!!! 

Hello bloggers! I have wonderful priceless information for the lucky Sherlock fans! Watch this video about Sherlock’s season 4 teaser trailer and prepare to combust of excitement then lets obsess and fangirl together because I am desperate ;)!!


I watched the video 4 times to make sure I memorised everything and I shed a few tears every time! Ugh I can’t believe I have to wait for next year for this! I know it might mean something else and that Sherlock might not have meant what I think he meant, but still I have hope now. I can’t believe all my fantasies about them might come true!! I am prepared to go down with this ship and I will fight anyone who says otherwise!!! My heart couldn’t have been more active than it is right now!!

*fangirl squealing* *hyperventilating* *asdfghjkl*


Happy Reading!



69 thoughts on “Fangirl Alert!!! 

      1. Could be… Idk??? The only other persons I can come up with are Molly or Irene Adler..? But I don’t think it’s either of them.
        I guess we’ll have to wait to find out 😦

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      2. It could be..? I kinda like her, idk?
        20 more days and we’ll know 🙂
        I don’t know but John is married, it would be kinda weird if he confessed his feelings to him, right? I’m conflicted whether I ship them or not, if it happens I’m okay with it, but if it doesn’t I’m happy too. I just need more Sherlock, no matter what!

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      3. 20 days feels like an eternity! But yeah John is married… I should accept that it’s just bromance, shouldn’t I? Yeah same even the music is getting me all emotional again. I wish there’d be more than 3 long episodes each season. I wouldn’t mind have 10 episodes each 1 hour long. The more the merrier 😊

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      4. I don’t see it happening though 😦 I think making more episodes per season would also decrease the quality of every episode. However what they could do is increase the amount of seasons, I mean one per, what it is, 2 years? That’s way too few.

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      5. I want to be the type of ghost that puts post-its everywhere that say things like: “Don’t forget to buy milk today”, and “It’s going to rain, bring and umbrella”. I would also move their books, so they’ll read the best ones, and put Sherlock dvds in their dvd player so they’ll have to watch it haha, I would be an amazing ghost XD

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      6. Ooooh that’s very sweet of you! The house you haunt has lucky owners! I want you as a haunted ghost ;P
        They’d have this really nice name for you and the owner of the house will tell their children and grandchildren stories about you and you’ll become a legend!

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    1. Of course you should! So there’s 3 seasons so far and each season has 3 episodes that are around 1 hour and 30 minutes. It’s not just crime scenes and detectives though! There’s lots of feels and dramatic moments that with British accents equal to pure awesomeness! Do watch it ASAP cuz otherwise you’d be missing out on a lot!

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      1. Why does it take that long to produce three episodes??? What is their secret?! Can they only shoot during a blue moon or something?
        Don’t be calm about it, it’s OUTRAGEOUS!
        Sooner or later they’re going to see angry fangirls storming BBC wanting more episodes in less than 20 years!!!

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      2. Well, when you think about it, a lot of movies can be made in less time than it takes for Sherlock to have three episodes, actually…but then again, Benedict and Martin are kinda famous right now (They’re involved in Marvel now! Yay!) so that probably has schedule impacts. But yeah, I would prefer a lot of 40-60 minute episodes rather than three hour and a half ones…So why don’t do they do that? ;(

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      3. True true but that still doesn’t mean 3 years for 3 episodes only!!! Speaking of Marvel have you watched Doctor Strange??? BENEDICT killed it in that role! I loved him.
        The questions that they should answer for us! We should write an angry demanding letter to the writers and producers.

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      4. It’s completed, actually! Some people say that it went downhill after season 4, and yeah, it wasn’t as good as the previous seasons,Mobutu it wasn’t nearly as big a dip in quality as, say, Arrow. It takes a little while to get REALLY good, but it’s worth it!

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      1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I thought they were going to leave everyone in a state of relative happiness, at least for a week! Then BAM! (literally).
        soooo many things, like in season 3
        “mycroft used to scare me with stories of the east wind”
        even the first episode:
        “SIStER! It’s always something!”
        These writers kill me!

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      2. They never do!!! They want to test how long it’ll take for us to break completely by doing such things!
        I knowwwwww! I always thought it’d be myrcoft Sherlock and a dog but that turned out to be a sister!
        Ugh yes CURSE STEVEN AND MARK! They’re killing me with the suspense! I’d never have all that coming! They were all the same person and when they were tracking Sherlock and talking about how the other one escaped the other one was with Sherlock at that time! The irony is beautiful!


    1. I knowwww!
      What??? No! Wait I’ll check right now.
      I couldn’t find anything.
      What did you hear from the rumours?
      4 episodes this season? Which there sort of was counting the Christmas special. 5 episodes?


      1. Interesting combinations. I didn’t even know they existed! I had a friend who shipped moriarty and Sherlock!! Which to me ruined everything.
        You should watch it though! It has some interesting plot twists.

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