Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

I want to thank Chelsey The Heart and the Page for nominating for this award and asking super cool questions that I loved answering. Everyone go follow her this instance because she has awesome posts that’ll make you smile.


  1. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.
    2. Nominate 11 blogs.
    3. Ask them 11 questions.


  1. Weirdest scar you have, and how did you get it?

It isn’t a cool story but I don’t have that many scars that I know where they originate from. When I was small and had eyeglasses with sharp nose pads I was carrying a lot of heavy art supplies for my art class and being my clumsy self, I slipped and the nose pads tore through the skin right above my right eyebrow and I’ve had a small thin line right above my right eyebrow ever since. I confess I cried like a baby when I saw blood and I wasn’t even that young.

  1. If you could travel to one country what would it be and why?

I don’t have a specific country I’d go to but I do have the Moon being at the top of the list if that counts.

  1. Ever thought about writing your own book? And if you are already, tell us about it!

Yes! All the time actually! I want to write a whole series and it would probably be a fantasy. Although, I’m not sure I have the words and imagination to properly write anything yet. I want to write books that would break people’s hearts and at the same time expand the readers minds to whole new levels so I don’t think I have the potential for that yet.

  1. Number one blogging tip for newbies?

Find other bloggers who share the same interests with you and let them know what you think of their blog and their posts. That’s the best way to get noticed and you also get to meet cool people along the way. Also, never ever be scared of posting whatever comes to your mind on your blog, be unique, after all it is YOUR blog and you can do whatever you want.

  1. What’s your dream job? Doesn’t have to be practical!

As you can already see from my previous answers I love Space and I would absolutely love working in that field, either studying the galaxy or mapping constellations or anything else. It’d be totally perfect any way.

  1. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I’m not entirely sure… There’s too many people I want to meet! I guess from the past I wouldn’t mind meeting Newton or Dante. From the living I’d want to meet my favourite authors.

  1. If you could be any fictional character, who would it be and why?

My mind will change later about this but right now, I’d love to be Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. He’s so wise and intelligent with soooo many deep confusing quotes that I adore and I would totally love to be that kind of person. Also the idea of getting a really long beard to stroke while thinking is also super cool. I really want to know what goes on in that head of his.

  1. What animal best represents you?

I just took 5 different tests to determine that but they don’t feel right so I’m going to guess and say porcupine.

  1. Which fictional world do you want to live in?

Any fantasy world and I’m up to live in it instead of this one.

  1. If you could go back in time, which year would you travel to?

Oooh I’d love to live in the 15/16th century when people used to talk in such formal fancy ways that I wish I could talk like too.

  1. The best part of waking up is…

I hate waking up most of the time since it means I have to leave the dream world and go back to the real one but I have something that motivates me to get out of bed and that is either, the chance to read a book or the prospect of having Nutella chocolate for breakfast with a hot cup of milk.


  1. What is one quote you try to live by?
  2. What is one thing you can’t live without?
  3. What motivates you?
  4. Choose a fictional character to be your best friend for life.
  5. Do you have any unusual obsessions or habits?
  6. Did you ever have an invisible friend?
  7. Pick one fictional monster you’d want as a pet.
  8. If you took over the world, who would you kill first and why?
  9. The world is about to end, what is the last thing you’d do if you had the chance?
  10. What do you notice first in people you meet?
  11. What is your favourite post you’ve done on your blog?

I Nominate:

Teacher of YA

Writing With Style


Girl Who Reads


Lost In A Story


The Immortal Readers

A Court of Tales

the little squid


Have fun answering my questions 😉

I hope you guys enjoyed learning more about me!

Happy Reading.



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