Doctor Strange- Oh My Marvel!


Sup bloggers and fellow readers! Today I have a post on the most recent movie I watched and loved! I’ll share my experiences and thoughts about the movie while fangirling.

Reasons to watch this movie:

  1. It’s a Marvel movie
  2. It has Benedict FREAKING Cumberbatch in it a.k.a my soul mate
  3. It has time travel
  4. Kickass Superpowers
  5. Spectacular amazing Oscar-worthy visual effects
  6. Sassy ancient monk dudes
  7. Hilarious scenes with inanimate objects killing people
  8. The jaw-dropping hidden scenes after the credits

(If you haven’t already watched this movie, why are you still reading this? Go watch it now!)

My experience:

I went to the cinema with my friends with high expectations and no clue what the movie was about other than having Benedict in it ,so basically I was prepared! Of course I went in early to catch the trailers for other movies-Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them was one of the trailers showed and of course I screamed, burst into tears, and grinned like crazy till the trailer ended so as you guys can see I’m dying to watch it!

Being a Marvel movie and all, it had to have a mysterious, brutal, what-the-banana-is- happening introduction with all the powerful monks creating portals trying to kill each other. Can I add that the moving mosaic tiles on the buildings was EPIC! Then we got to the real fun when Stephen appeared as the confident neurosurgeon saving lives and being a pain in everyone else’s bottom.

Now Stephen Strange had to show off with his driving and diagnosing skills which nearly killed him. Strange is rendered useless and aimless without the proper function of his hands making him desperate enough for any healing process. He travels to seek guidance and then learns that he hasn’t been saying a fraction of the world he lives in….

I loved the Ancient One! She was such a wise reserved person but she also sassed Strange so much and left him on the top of Mount Everest to teach him a lesson! It was a shame we didn’t get to learn more about her back story. So what if she was drawing some power from the darkness to stay alive?

Doctor Strange was AWESOMEEEE! He killed his role as usual! His powers were awesome and his outfit was pure greatness! I loved his opening portal movements! It was funny how he’d keep bringing severely injured people to his hospital and scream until they were saved.

Wong a.k.a. BEYONCE was HILARIOUS! It’s so ironic because Wong’s first name is also Benedict! I appreciate him as a character, he was always laughing and joking at the wrong moments and threatening people. ADORABLE!

The villain names kill me! Dormammu! I was laughing to tears every time someone said Dormammu this and Dormammu that. I’m sorry but his name is just not fit for his role!

The Cloak that chose Strange was the BEST INANIMATE OBJECT COME TO LIFE EVER! Other than making Doctor Strange cooler with the fancy designs and levitation, the cloak had this great savage fierceness while choking and choking all the bad guys! I am prepared to watch a whole movie with just Cloak and Strange getting to know each other, they’re so cuteeeee!

Marvel movies=hidden scenes! The hidden scene in Doctor Strange killed me! First there was the scene were we see Mordo turning into a bad guy which was predictable. Then THOR appears and my friends and I just start squealing! I can’t wait to see what happens with a Doctor Strange and Thor alliance to capture LOKIIII!

Overall this movie is my current favourite Marvel movie and I just want to watch it again right now!

Did you watch this movie? What did you think? Let me know how much you loved this movie in the comments and whether you enjoyed my movie ramblings or not!

Happy Reading!



25 thoughts on “Doctor Strange- Oh My Marvel!

  1. Great review! I absolutely loved this movie! I am a massive Marvel found and see every Marvel film as soon as they come out. However, I had heard a lot of negative reviews about Doctor Strange and I got really worried about watching it. I think this really lowered my expectations of the film, but, thankfully, I enjoyed every single moment! Benedict Cumberbatch was such an amazing Stephen Strange. I think he’s going to be in Avengers: Infinity War. Can’t wait! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks! Yes I watch every single Marvel movie that comes out too! Really? All I saw was praise from whoever went to see the movie. Yesss! It was awesome! Of course Benedict was perfect for the role!
      Yes he has one of the infinity crystals so he has to be! I can’t wait to see him and Thor working together!
      Also tell me you loved the Cloak of Levitation as much as I did.

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      1. Omg I forget Doctor Strange was going to be in Thor 3! I can’t wait to watch it πŸ˜€
        That Clock of Levitation scene was so funny, I almost fell off my seat in the cinema. I’m pretty sure people were giving me nasty looks because I couldn’t stop laughing.
        That’s what I love about Marvel films. They’re dark but entertaining, and there is so much humour!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I didn’t like Thor in the movies much but hopefully with Strange it’ll be cooler! Plus we get to see Loki again!!!
        I did fall off my seat actually πŸ˜‰ I died at that part! Thankfully it was only my friends and I and two other strangers so I wasn’t too judged!
        Yes! They’re hilarious and violent and cool! What more could a person want?

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      1. Oh yeah! I want to watch inferno but I haven’t had time yet and I’m also worried about it not being like the book. Oh if you say it was good then it can’t be too bad.
        But this Friday, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM comes out! So that’s my whole movie night booked! Are you excited about that?

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      2. I’ve never read a Dan Brown book. They’re on my list though. I love Tom Hanks and I thought he was really good. I didn’t know the story, which was better because I didn’t see that twist at the end. I loved it! Yes, I’m also excited about Fantastic Beasts.

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      3. Oh you should! I never see whatever’s actually going on until everything is revealed and I just love Dan Browns words!
        Yeah he’s really good at being Robert Langdon!
        That’s basically every single Dan Brown book!
        Yeeeees! I’m literally attacking everyone I see with the information of it coming out-I’m a little obsessed and crazy I know πŸ˜›

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  2. Well…is was an awesome movie that I EVER seen. Especially that sence in the movie, it was hellarious!
    Kaecilius: Em…Mr…?
    Kaecilius: Mr…Doctor?!
    Dr.Strange: (눈_눈)
    (But honestly, it was my first Marvel movie)❀️

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    1. I know right??! Hahaha yes that was legendary and I also love that FREAKING cloak he had! The way it was chocking the enemy was iconic ❀
      Awww that means you started off with a great choice. Now you have to watch the other Marvel movies because they're all related in a way.


  3. Actually, “Doctor Strange” is the first Marvel movie I watch FOR THE FIRST TIME!! The movie was funny with those cool effects. I also like Benedict Cumberbatch who can act like a REAL Stephen Strange, he was SO COOL!!!!πŸ˜†I wish I can watch it again…

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