The Horror of school Begins again…

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day! I bear grave news for this blog. My school begins tomorrow. I’m in 11th grade now! Why does summer always end so sooon? Why can’t it  last for a few months more? I don’t know. I’ll be stressed and on edge for the whole year but I’ll try not to abandon you guys and post as frequently as I can between loads of schoolwork. I wish all those who are starting or have already started school luck!


To show you guys how I’m currently feeling I’ll use the langauge of gifs (and also because I have nothing else to write and I don’t want a short post):



Hope you guys enjoyed my gifs!

Wish me luck and keep reading!



20 thoughts on “The Horror of school Begins again…

      1. Im glad! I just got home from school, it was terrible!! Plus we had school photos so it was even worse than normal. You should definitely post about your life more on you blog!

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