Book Review-The Eternity Cure(Blood of Eden #2)

13581990.jpgAuthor: Julie Kagawa

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Publication Date: April 30th 2013

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopia

Pages: 434 pages

Rating: 8/10

In Allison Sekemoto’s world, there is one rule left: Blood calls to blood

She has done the unthinkable: died so that she might continue to live. Cast out of Eden and separated from the boy she dared to love, Allie will follow the call of blood to save her creator, Kanin, from the psychotic vampire Sarren. But when the trail leads to Allie’s birthplace in New Covington, what Allie finds there will change the world forever—and possibly end human and vampire existence.

There’s a new plague on the rise, a strain of the Red Lung virus that wiped out most of humanity generations ago—and this strain is deadly to humans and vampires alike. The only hope for a cure lies in the secrets Kanin carries, if Allie can get to him in time.

Allison thought that immortality was forever. But now, with eternity itself hanging in the balance, the lines between human and monster will blur even further, and Allie must face another choice she could never have imagined having to make.

“No one who fights so hard to do the right thing is evil.”

What has Julie done to me??? I am left speechless and broken, my soul splintered to a million pieces after the ending of The Eternity Cure. This book was an IMMENSE improvement compared to The Immortal Rules so if you liked The Immortal Rules then you will love The Eternity Cure. I’m dying to get this review done and start the last book in the trilogy because of the cliff-hanger ending. There’s so much for me to praise from this book and I’m not sure where to start.


There was a noticeable amount of character development and each character’s story was thoroughly explained. The book got off on a good start and immediately had my full attention. There was so much happening and I kept wondering how any of it could be solved with the wild flesh-eating monsters, vampires, and the crazy infected human zombies. The nerdy scientist in me took pleasure in all the talk on viruses, diseases, mutations and whatnot. The small psychotic part of me found the torture and violent scenes intriguing.

Allie was again fun to read about. Her determination to rescue her sire and fight a brilliant lunatic who everyone else is terrified of is admirable. I loved how she tried to play by the rules that Kanin gave her but managed to ignore them every once in a while. I found her confusion and indecision very annoying. Just because she was struggling with her vampire desires and heart doesn’t mean she gets to have so many emotional dramatic outbursts so I was relieved when she finally decided to screw the rules and try the whole vampire-human relationship thing. But look how that turned out in the end. Her fighting scenes were thankfully numerous and were always wonderfully detailed.

Jackal was awesome in this book! I didn’t know he had it in him but I’m glad he played a part in the book. I found his constant bickering with his sister entertaining, even the way he regarded and handled Zeke as a human bloodbag and then as an equal amusing. He provided a very much needed comic relief to an otherwise dark story.

My sweet Zeke broke my heart! He was still impossibly kind and it annoyed me to the moon and back! His appearance, of course, was expected as was his attitude towards Allie. He acted pretty calm while he was surrounded by a bunch of vampires and considering he was raised to think they were evil, I thought that was impressive. Although I did find his request to Allie cruel, I mean he’s asking for the impossible of her! His cute conversations with Allie made my heart melt a little. I’m aching to find out about what happens to him in the next book.

Sarren was a seriously messed up villain and I really want him dead! I mean he’s not just crazy and psychotic he wants to kill everyone and everything. I understand why he wanted revenge from Kanin but deciding to spread a deadly incurable disease was ludicrous! The torture scenes were so excruciatingly vivid I had to take a break and breathe for a minute reminding myself that it’s not real to continue. After reading about Sarren I always feel better about real normal bad people. What he did to Zeke was such a tormenting and traumatizing thing, I was left shuddering with tears running down my face. The scariest creepiest cuckoo thing about Sarren was how he just compared tortured screaming to singing and how he called Allie ‘little bird’. I’m seriously hoping he doesn’t appear in my dreams and scare the bananas out of me.

Overall The Eternity Cure was epic with cool kickass characters and lots of creepy violence and I just can’t wait to read the last book in the trilogy!

Until next time my fellow readers ♥



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