Book Review-The Last Olympian(Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5)

Rick Riordan

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion Books

Published: May 5th 2009

Genre: Fantasy/ Young Adult

Format: 381 pages


Half-bloods have been preparing all summer for war against the titan (Kronos) and his army that grows stronger with every new half-blood recruit.Typhon,the greatest threat the gods have faced in the past, is causing havoc in his wake and the Olympian gods are doing everything in their power to stop him again before he reaches Olympus leaving Olympus unprotected. It’s up to the demigods to defend Olympus as Kronos’s army marches into New York. Percy is finally allowed to hear the Great Prophecy that states that he will either save or destroy Olympus. The Great Prophecy states that the hero will perish after becoming 16.Percy wonders whether these days will be his last. A traitor is among the demigods of Camp Half-Blood feeding all their plans and strategies to Kronos.  Percy must find a way to beat Kronos and stop the entire Western civilization from crumbling.


In my opinion, the final book was TOTALLY AWESOME! Sadly the first chapter ends with someone’s death which is only the start! I really loved learning about Luke’s past, how much he suffered as a little boy and why he hated his father (Hermes) so much and what happened to May Castellan (Luke’s mom). I won’t spoil anything. I’ll leave it for you guys to discover the truth. Nico is also desperately trying to learn about his past and mother but Hades is making it difficult preferring to keep past events hidden. I love how last books are where everything falls into place, all the puzzle pieces are fitted into their places and you finally see what the big picture is. Everything that happens is connected to each other in the end. Rachel finds her place and understands what role she is meant to play in the end. Clarisse has changed beautifully from the first book till now, she becomes a completely different person after becoming friends with a daughter of Aphrodite and getting a boyfriend, she makes an awesome appearance towards the end of the book and continues to surprise me till the end. Percy especially in this book becomes more mature and he discovers so much about himself, he becomes stronger and has a lot of cool bizarre fights with monsters. Annabeth is still unsure of her feelings for Luke at first and still wants to believe he is still fighting for dominance against Kronos, we see how she first met Luke and Thalia and how they became a family for a while till Luke turned bitter and angry. I appreciate how everyone at camp has been shipping Percy and Annabeth for a very long time and they just want them to admit it to each other. Both Tyson and Grover are fittingly awarded in the end of the book getting the cool jobs they deserve. There is a slight difference between the violence level of this book and the first ones but it is still tolerable for kids, I mean this is the final battle you can’t expect it to be peaceful and with no bloodshed. I loved how Kronos was defeated in the end, it was unexpected but made perfect sense in the end.

I really found the ending of this book series satisfying, everything was explained and taken care of ,there aren’t any loose ends. Best of all even when this series was ending Rick was promising us with more to come giving us evidence that it’s not over yet, which fills my heart with joy.

In conclusion, I recommend this book, this spectacular cleverly written final book, for everyone!


My Favourite Quotes:

“With great power…. comes great need to take a nap.”  ~Nico di Angelo

“I was pretty sure if I tried to sing, all I would cause was an avalanche.”  ~Percy Jackson

“We’ll have to work on your bunny phobia later.”   ~Percy Jackson

“Wouldn’t be Camp Half-Blood if it was peaceful.”  ~Percy Jackson



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