The Horror Movie Book Tag! 

Hey dearest readers! Did you miss me? I have come back from the dead to blog again! I apologise for all the posts I’ve been ignoring and all the tags I’ve missed out on, I’ve had a lot going on and am still in the middle of taking my AS Level exams😭 but I’m desperately trying to save time for doing tags since reading is impossible now. Let’s hope I form a more consistent posting system because I’ve been absent for too long! Now onto this super fun tag I did! 
I want to thank the wonderful Laura @thebookcorps for tagging me! Everyone go check out her blog posts, they’re amazing! 

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The Zombie Apocalypse:

A book you would save when civilisation ends:

Can I just cheat on this one question and say that I’d save my phone that would have every single book I’ve read? No? Ugh fine. But this is one hard question. I don’t just want to read one book for the rest of my life if there’s any left after the apocalypse. 

I’ll go with A Court of Mist and Fury because I still haven’t reread it enough times to say goodbye yet. It’s simply too soon and I love it too much now!
The Vampire:

A book you would stake through the heart (in whatever sense):

The Thousandth Floor. It seemed so interesting from the synopsis on Goodreads and I was super excited to read it that I even got the physical copy of the book to read from but it was so disappointing! It was so unsatisfying, I felt like it didn’t have any great ideas. It didn’t inspire me in any way. The characters were dull and I just hated how the plot progressed and the ideas it might give to readers. You can find my review for it here
The Haunted House:

A book that still haunts you:

*Crackling thunder and lightning*

Empire of Storms! I swear, after reading it I was having frequent nightmares featuring the main character who I adore so much dying again and again in every single dream scenario! After reading it, I was traumatised by how intensely painful it was! I couldn’t even handle reviewing it at the time because I’m still really really emotional about what happened (which I try not to think about anymore)! Haunting is a perfect word for what SJM did to me!! 
The Psychological Thriller:

A book with a twist that you did not see coming:

Inferno. I usually love predicting events that happen in books but Dan Brown books always take me by surprise. I never even see any of it coming until I’m reading it with wide eyes and a rapidly increasing heart rate. That’s the reason I love his books so much, they’re so gripping and surprising. 
The Creepy Doll:

A book that seems innocent but isn’t:

The Love That Split The World. I read this book last year with a friend and I expected it to be a simple easy read that just talked about teenagers and their love lives like any typical contemporary but it had so much more depth to it. The characters all ended up being diverse and different and didn’t lack any personality. The book included a lot of inspiring concepts and beautiful imagery with spectacular mini stories that can have so many different interpretations from one reader to another. It had time travel and different worlds which I definitely didn’t expect either! Overall, a surprisingly heart-warming read that had my head spinning with a bajillion ideas! 
The Monster:

A book that you could barely tackle/defeat (in whatever sense):

Deceived. I really found parts of this book disturbing and violent and at times just totally disgusting! It was a great read but some of the events were just making me shiver and I had to distract myself while reading it to stop freaking out. Finishing it felt like an accomplishment because I don’t usually read from the genre of horror. 
The Comedy-Horror:

A book with mixed genres that worked (or didn’t):

Blood of Eden trilogy. It was mostly about a dystopian world but it also centred around vampires. I have never come across that combination before and I found it unusual. The books were good but not amazing but that’s not because of the genres it had I just didn’t like how the events progressed towards the end but that’s me when it comes to most dystopias. 
The (Cliched) Teen Horror:

A book you found seriously cliched/ stereotypical:

Me Before You. I know that a lot of people loved it and it got very hyped but I just found nothing new and original in it. There wasn’t anything unexpected, the characters weren’t unique at all. It felt like a book that didn’t involve anything special. It was adorable and all but come on! I’ve seen and read many similar things before!
The Demonic Possession:

 A book so gripping you needed an exorcist to escape it:

The Infernal Devices as a whole series. It was so emotional and spectacular and filled with TOO MANY FEELS, I felt like I was going to burst open and just become a mess of tears and saliva. I was so shaken by its ending that I thought that I might quit reading because nothing was worth that much pain! (I know I can be seriously overly dramatic but in my defence you guys would understand if you read it too.) But hey, I moved on and continued reading so yaaaay! 
The Science Fiction:

A precious book you would permanently give to the aliens for the good of mankind:

The Harry Potter series. I’m sorry! I think I’d lose most of my soul if I gave my precious Harry Potter books to anyone but I’m pretty sure that once those aliens read it. No matter how heartless and cruel they were, they’d change their mind about humanity and instead fall in love with us as a kind. In fact, they might just abandon their own beliefs and start worshipping J.K. Rowling. 😆 Thus saving Earth once more. 

I tag

Fangirl Reality
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This Is My Genre, Tell Me Yours Tag!

Hello lovelies. I hope you’re all enjoying your time blogging. I want to mention that I’m doing my best to post on a weekly basis and I’m still trying to manage my time so I apologize for the delays for any tags or posts.

I want to thank icebreaker694 for tagging me in another great post and for always always reaching the same level of excitement I do when we’re fangirling. 3www

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What is your favourite genre?

  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  •  Young Adult Contemporary

Who is your favourite author from that genre?

J.K. Rowling for Fantasy

Pierce Brown for Science Fiction

Benjamin Alire Saenz for YA Contemporary

What is it about that genre that keeps pulling you back?

I think I read fantasy the most, is because I just love learning about new worlds and new endless possibilities! It’s the author’s chance to just unleash his/her wildest imaginations. I always have this thrill at the beginning of a fantasy novel where everyone and everything is being introduced and there are maps and a lot of cool information that supports the world being created and it fills me with inexplicable glee 😁!

Science fiction is a genre I read less from but still do enjoy endlessly and I think that’s because I am a true geek 🤓! I simply adore science and math so adding those two to fiction and making a plot out of it astounds me! I never fail to be amazed by how cool it’d be if I could achieve something the characters achieved if I studied and worked hard enough.

YA Contemporary is my soothing genre. I sometimes need to read about sweet stories that shouldn’t involve saving the world with normal teenage characters. They also have their share of feels and they make me feel so warm and fuzzy on the inside.

What is the book that started your love for your favourite genre?

For fantasy:

For Science Ficiton:


For YA Contemporary:


If you had to recommend at least one book from your favourite genre to a non-reader/someone looking to start reading from that genre, what book would you choose and why? 

For fantasy it’ll be the same as the first book series that got me into reading which is Harry Potter.

For science fiction I’d say Red Rising by Pierce Brown

For YA contemporary I’ll choose Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Why do you read?

I read because it’s one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever encountered. I read because it’s really the best way to escape this shitty world of ours and enter countless of others where the world is eventually saved by the good guys. I just take comfort in reading about amazing kick ass characters.

I came across this post a few days ago and I’m not sure where I found it from but it sums up why I read pretty accurately.

I Tag:










And of course anyone else who wants to do this tag!

Can you relate to my choices and reasons? What else would’ve you chosen. Let me know in the comments section.

Happy Reading!


The Literary Questions Tag!

Hello blogging world! I hope your all having a great day filled with feels. I was tagged by the wonderful Joana @Bookneeders for this fun tag. Hope you guys like it.


13611052The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a recent addition to my book collection and the cover is just SO GOD DAMNED BEAUTIFUL!


The first name that comes to my mind is Dante from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. I just feel like Dante and I have a LOT in common and that we’d end up being close friends. Plus, I’ll finally get the chance to philosophize about everything with someone else who enjoys such conversations. I really would have to resist to urge to attack him with hugs every time I see him though because he is just too PURE for this world!


I keep changing my mind but right now, I’m most curious about the author of The Young Elite by Marie Lu. I’m reading the trilogy currently and it is so dark and I have loads of questions I need the answers to.


8713500Ash by James Herbert is one book that I actually bought and found super cool from the synopsis but the story was just dull and boring and it wasn’t what I expected at all so it was a huge disappointment that I don’t want to go through again.



The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi is a book that I recently read and reviewed but the plot had so many holes in it that half of what happened made no sense towards the end. Stuff just worked out because they should’ve but there was never any clear information to support what happened. You can find my review here


I probably have a whole book of lists for my favourite fictional couples so I’ll just pick a couple I haven’t mentioned before.

Solangelo-(Will Solace and Nico di Angelou from Percy Jackson)

My reaction whenever I read something about these two or find cute fan art about them:



Severus Snape from Harry Potter.

Rhys from A Court of Thorns and Roses.

I’m not sure they count as proper villains because they both ended up being great people.I LOATHED them both so much at the beginning but now they are one of my favourite characters ever!


Jessamine Lovelace from The Infernal Devices.

I hated her so so much! She is the embodiment of everything I hate in other people! She was so incredibly ungrateful for everything she had, so selfish and vain that I couldn’t stand her at all! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD HATE TO BE A SHADOWHUNTER?! The level of ungratefulness she had was over the top so I wouldn’t mind having her removed.


I usually answer with: “Any world that isn’t this world is GREAT by me.” But I’ll choose The Wizarding World of Harry Potter this time because there’s still so much of the magical world left unexplored!


The biggest book I currently have on my shelf is Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.


The smallest book I have is The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling3950967

Do you agree with any of my choices? Have you read any of the books I listed in this tag? Let me know in the comments below 😉

Happy Reading.


Deceived-Book Review 

Greetings my fellow bloggers and readers, I hope your day was pleasant. I have finally gotten over my stiffening reading slump and managed to review another book. Enjoy ;D

Author: Heena Rathore P.deceived-final

Publisher: Citrus Publishers

Publication Date: 24th June 2017

Genre: Horror, Crime, Thriller, Fiction

Page Count: 420

Format: Ebook

Rating: 8/10

Click here to see my interview with the author of Deceived


How well do you know your loved ones? 

A girl struggling to cope with the murders of her mother and five-year-old brother.
A journalist chasing the ghost of a potential serial killer.
A thirteen-year-old girl who slaughtered her parents.
And a revenge-driven psychopath who is about to destroy everyone’s life.

After 9 years, a young writer is still coping with the brutal murders of her mother and five-year-old brother, as she moves into a house of horrors, to start a new life with her lover. Will friends and family be able to redeem Ally out of the impending doom in time? Will her infallible love become the key to the destruction of her already fragile world? Will madness prevail over love; true love over revenge?

Deceived is a gripping psychological thriller that mazes through the deepest, darkest emotions of human mind through the story of a vulnerable girl who treads in the mist of deception bred from a long unforgiven betrayal.


I received a free copy of this e-book in exchange of an honest review.

You should know that I usually don’t read thrillers but I decided to give the genre a try and I must say that Deceived was a suitable choice to enter the genre. Deceived is one of those books that you’ll read and finish but the story itself and the thoughts you had about it will linger in your mind and continue to amaze and horrify you for a long time afterwards. If you ask me, that’s precisely makes a novel of any genre attractive and praise-worthy.

Reading this book freaked me out and scared the bejesus out of of me at some parts towards the end but that’s probably because I’m a little soft-hearted so most of you readers have nothing to worry about except maybe some hair-raising, bone-chilling moments that add to the optimum reading experience.

The Plot:
The author slowly feeds us hungry readers with bits and pieces of information that only manage to make the story more compelling and raise more questions than before! So naturally, I had to stay up all night- half terrified- trying to finish the book before I went insane due to all the suspense!

The book starts off with a newspaper article from the 1970s about a chilling murder that appears to be too brutal to be true. The story line is told from 4 different perspectives with 3 set in the present and 1 in the past. The way the newspaper article relates to the events happening in the present to the protagonist keeps the reader guessing and on the edge of his/her feet! There is never a dull moment as new revelations and variables start to take their toll on the characters.

The shiver-inducing descriptions and gory imagery matched the ominous theme of Deceived perfectly! The frightening sinister atmosphere was spot on! The author did not shy away from the more gruesome details and painful feelings so no character was spared.

The Characters:
The main character, Allison, was already struggling with the murder of her mother and younger brother from 9 years ago. She is still trying to cope with the help of her amazing dog, Max, her best friend, Sam, and her boyfriend, Danny. Things don’t seem to be going terribly for her besides the horrendous nightmares she’s been having every. After she makes the rash decision to move in her with her boyfriend, Danny, her life continues to go downhill from there. Someone’s sick idea of a joke, is sending her threatening signals and messages that only bring back the unwelcome memories of the ghosts of her past.The emotional pain Allison went through only increased the complexity of her as a character and made her more human and relatable to.

Steve is Allison’s cousin who arrives in town to investigate the recent murders that have been left unsolved. He thinks they might be related to the killer of Allison’s mother and brother. I didn’t really like Steve because his personality felt dull, the only decent thing about Steve was his determination and intellect that helped him follow clues that others overlooked to solve the crime.

Elizabeth is the 13-year-old girl from the past that was somehow related to the story. Elizabeth had a rare personality and a bone-chilling childhood that could’ve broken any soul. She is undoubtedly a memorable character. Although, her story is not suitable for the tender-hearted, as I could barely wrap my mind around what happened to that poor girl and thinking about it too much might’ve made me vomit or dissolve into hysterical tears. Her situation raises some seriously disturbing discussions about how children think and act and how the environment they’re raised in affects them.

Michael is the psychotic serial killer whose identity remains hidden till the end of the book. His part of the story consists of his diary containing his revolting thoughts and heartless actions. Micheal is hellbent on avenging his Mother and all these elements manage to make this novel more threatening than before. Reading from  the murderer’s POV added a sickening twist to the story as I got to see how the villain of the story thought and exactly why the killer did what he did.

The secondary characters: Sam, Max and Danny all had interesting roles to play. They each had their own unique personality that effected the protagonist differently. Sam was super friendly and supportive and she provided some relief from the never-ending horror. Max who is Allison’s dog counts as an essential character in my opinion because he was her most faithful companion and he literally always had Allison’s back! I really enjoyed that lovely side to the story where the pet remains loyal to his/her owner forever. Danny on the other hand, felt like your basic boyfriend and I didn’t see him as a very impressive guy but he did also make Allison feel cared for in the short time they were a couple.

The ending left me speechless and more horrified than I ever was before. I really didn’t expect all that to happen at the end, it all just occurred so quickly that my mind couldn’t register exactly how stunning it was.

In conclusion, Deceived was definitely a well-written memorable read that has opened some interesting new genres for me (YAY!). Even with some disturbing moments that I couldn’t really handle well, I will be on the lookout for Heena’s future novels. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy blood-curdling mind-boggling stories and don’t mind getting an overdose of fear. 

Be sure to leave me a comment telling me how you feel about my review.

Are you excited to read this book now? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading!


Books of 2016!

Greetings darlings!! I finallly managed to do this post even though I’m very late. Better late than never as I hear people say. In 2016 I’ve read a total of 91 books  and 29 of them were rereads (what can I say I love rereading books :D) 2016 might’ve not been the best year for a lot of reasons but one thing I can say is that it was filled with FREAKING AWESOME books that I adored and am thankful for them! After all what we do without books?

My favourites :

1)Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

2)The Martian by Andy Weir


3)Red Rising, Golden Sun, and Morning Star by Pierce Brown

4)Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz


5)The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan


6)Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare


7)A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

I hope to read amazing books just like in 2016. I wish you all lovely reads this year packed with feels! May your OTP lists expand too!

Did you read any of the books I loved in 2016? What are your goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading!


Interview with the author of Deceived

Hey bloggers and fellow readers. This is my very first author interview and it was a great experience! I love seeing my questions being answered in such a passionate way by the author. I want to express my gratitude to Miss Heena and Citrus Publishers for this opportunity.

  1. How did NaNoWriMo help with your writing? What did you learn during NaNoWriMo?

    Since I first participated in WriMo, I have come to realize something fundamental. WriMos are the best way to get the drafts for your novel written within a month.It doesn’t matter how long the draft is, the thing is I keep my focus on finishing the draft rather than concentrating on the word count because drafts are always more than 50K words, so this way I kill 2 birds with one stone; I win the WriMo and I complete my draft.

  2. What motivates you to write?

    The main thing that motivates me to write is the fear of not writing.When I don’t write, it makes me feel anxious. If I don’t write for a long time I know that I’m headed towards a very bad place. It’s like, in the last 2 years, I’ve become really dependent on writing emotionally.

  3. What made you want to become a writer?

    The fact that I absolutely love stories. Stories have had a huge impact on my life. Due to some unpleasant circumstances in my early childhood and teenage years (my parent’s separation followed by divorce), I was naturally drawn towards the world of make belief and found it utterly comforting. So that’s how I knew that the best thing for me would be to lose myself completely in the world which always made me feel happy.

  4. Do you have any certain thing you do while working on your books like listening to music?

    Music distracts me because I love singing, so if I play a music, I get a bit lost either in signing or imagining scenes for my novel, so music is a big no for me while writing. I do light scented candles while writing because they somehow make me feel focused and attached to the work at hand and keeps my mind from wandering.

  5. What was the last book you read and loved?

    The Lost City Of The Monkey God by Douglas Preston and Sister Sister by Sue Fortin.

  6. How much do you research for each book?

    Depends on the subject. For Deceived, I researched about psychopaths and sociopaths for over 2 months. And right now, for Sinister Town, I’m researching small-small details while getting the initial drafts ready.

  7. Can you give me a surprising random fact about yourself?

    I can’t write in cafes or any other public places. I can only write in my pajama shorts and worn-off comfy t-shirts at home.

  8. What was the most astonishing through the whole process of getting your book published?

    Becoming a traditionally published author. I have a lot of respect for self-published authors (the good ones), but I always wanted to get published the traditional way, so when I signed the contract I was really happy.
    Also, the fact that I got to sign a 5-book contract with my publisher was absolutely astounding.

  9. Can you tell me more about your You Tube podcast? What is it about? Why did you start one? How does it make you feel?

    My YouTube Podcast Channel is still in its infancy, but I plan to take it far ahead. My only purpose behind starting this Podcast Channel was there is no one in India who’s doing it right now. So I wanted to start the trend and also wanted to help all those writers who can’t buy expensive creative writing books or courses.

  10. Being an introvert, what advice would you give to fellow introverts?

    Never ever change the way you are. It’s okay to be happy while left alone at home. It’s okay to be yourself and it’s okay to be different. In fact, it is quite cool. You are far more intelligent and capable of doing things and winning in general than people give you credit for. So don’t listen to what others say. Do what makes you feel happy.

  11. What is one thing you can’t ever go anywhere without?

    My phone. And Kindle.

  12. What are your other ideas for future books?

    The second novel (the one I’m currently working on), Sinister Town, is a crime thriller with elements of horror. It is based on the concept of ritual and cult killings.
    I’m also planning to write a High Fantasy series with 6 books. At this point, I can’t say a lot, but it’ll be based on a warrior princess known as Princess Nymeria.

  13. Can you choose one quote that you try to live by?

    “And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”― Sylvia Plath

About Heena Rathore P.:


Heena Rathore Pardeshi is a novelist, novel critic, as well as a book reviewer. She is also an ace social media strategist and an acclaimed YouTube Podcaster. An award-winning writer, she has won several NaNoWriMos and JuNoWriMos since 2014. .

Heena also manages her own book club, RMFAO on

A fan of crime-thrillers, apocalyptic fiction and  slasher movies and series, she draws inspiration from the works of legendary writers such as Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Sidney Sheldon.

An introvert and free-thinker, Heena prefers neatness over chaos – in her fictional themes as well as in her real life. She has a special place for German Shephards and books in her heart.

Heena is twenty-five years old and lives in Pune, India with her beloved husband, Vishal – a successful entrepreneur, in a house full of books, music, and love. Heena passionately creates vivid fictional worlds; some to read and cherish, and some to live in.






Blurb for Deceived:

deceived-finalHow well do you know your loved ones?

A young girl struggling to cope with the murders of her mother and five-year-old brother.

A journalist chasing the ghost of a potential serial killer.

A thirteen-year-old girl who slaughtered her parents.

And a revenge-driven psychopath who is about to destroy everyone’s life.

After 9 years, a young writer is still coping with the brutal murders of her mother and five-year-old brother, as she moves into a house of horrors, unwittingly to start a new life with her lover. Will friends and family be able to redeem Ally out of the impending doom in time? Will her infallible love become the key to the destruction of her already fragile world? Will madness prevail over love; true love over revenge?

Deceived is a gripping psychological thriller that mazes through the deepest, darkest emotions of human mind through the story of a vulnerable girl who treads in the mist of deception bred from a long unforgiven betrayal.

Happy Reading!


My return to the blogosphere!

Hello lovely bloggers! (I know it’s late to wish you a happy new year but HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR!)I’ve been absent from my blog for nearly a whole month which is UNFORGIVABLE, I know! There is a valid reason though: during the winter holidays I had plans to blog every single day but after 2 days of not studying and chilling my laptop stopped working! It was my only means of posting on my blog and it was the holidays so I couldn’t get it fixed. I became very very depressed as all my great blogging plans for Christmas and New Years were ruined! I had to force myself to stop reading because I wanted to review everything I read. January was a hard month because I found out that my laptop couldn’t be fixed and I couldn’t read either. Right now I’m using a temporary computer but I will blog from but much less than before. Right now I’m still stuck in the worst reading slump I’ve ever been in but as soon as I finish reading something I’ll review it and fill my blog again with reviews and tags again! To occupy my free time I started watching Avatar The Last Airbender and other animes which are great but I still want to hold a book again!


And again I apologize for not commenting and liking anyone else’s posts, I’ll try to catch up on all the things I’ve missed. It’s great to be back here, to be honest.

Happy Reading!

Celebrating the Little Things Tag!!!

Hello blogosphere! I want to thank icebreaker694 for tagging me for this wonderful tag! I really loved doing this tag because it made me appreciate all of you guys and my blog even more than before!


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Just One Day-Book Review

Hey bloggers, I hope you’re all having lovely days. I want to apologise for my inactivity, I’ve had my exams and I couldn’t blog at all! Good news! I have a 9 day break now, so I can bless you all with more frequent posts from me! Enjoy my review 😉

17623975Author: Gayle Forman

Publisher: Speak

Publication Date: August 20th 2013

Genre: Young/New Adult, Romance, Contemporary,

Page Count: 369

Format: Ebook

My Rating: 8/10


From the New York Times bestselling author of If I Stay

Allyson Healey’s life is exactly like her suitcase—packed, planned, ordered. Then on the last day of her three-week post-graduation European tour, she meets Willem. A free-spirited, roving actor, Willem is everything she’s not, and when he invites her to abandon her plans and come to Paris with him, Allyson says yes. This uncharacteristic decision leads to a day of risk and romance, liberation and intimacy: 24 hours that will transform Allyson’s life.

A book about love, heartbreak, travel, identity, and the “accidents” of fate, Just One Day shows us how sometimes in order to get found, you first have to get lost. . . and how often the people we are seeking are much closer than we know.

“Part of me knows one more day won’t do anything except postpone the heartbreak. But another part of me believes differently. We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.”

I always feel like reading something by Gayle Forman around New Year but instead of rereading If I Stay and Where She Went, I decided to read her other book Just One Day. I read the blurb and got discouraged because the story seemed too cheesy and romantic but I must say after reading it in JUST ONE DAY ;D, I realized that this book is my GUILTY PLEASURE! I loved every part of this book and will continue to praise Gayle for her astounding story-telling abilities and relatable characters!

Just One Day is filled with sweet adventures and a whimsical romance. You will be hearing soooo many love songs in your head while reading it. It’s the perfect book to read curled up in bed under a lot of covers on a wintery day. I compare it to a mug of hot chocolate with extra whip cream on the top! There was a mess of butterflies fluttering in my stomach the whole time. It’s perfect for people who doubt themselves and feel like they’re not adventurous enough. It shows you that you’re not the only one struggling.

More about the Story:

“But what if Shakespeare― and Hamlet― were asking the wrong question? What if the real question is not whether to be, but how to be?”

Allyson is a high school graduate who is on a trip to Europe that was meant to be ‘the trip of a lifetime’. It didn’t turn out to be like she imagined and on the last day of the trip she decides to ditch her touring group to watch a play for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night preformed by teenage actors. One of the actors seems to be paying her a lot of attention and by coincidence she runs into the same actor on the train. Willem-the mysterious Dutch actor- names Allyson ‘Lulu’ and he convinces her to spend a day in Paris (the only place the trip missed) with him. Lulu agrees to go with him because she impulsively wants to become more adventurous. She spends the best day of her life as Lulu with Willem in Paris and they try to have as much fun and see as much as they can for that one day. Allyson becomes a completely different person in Paris as Lulu with Will and she loves the new her.


They spend the night together but they know that their one day is over, the next morning Allyson wakes up to find herself alone in a foreign country with no note left from Will and no money. She panics and cries as her heart breaks thinking of how Will left her.

The second part of the book is set a year later after the incident in Paris, where Allyson is a pre-med student in college and how she is in a terrible state of depression and self pity. She has never been the same ever since that spectacular day in Paris but she can’t seem to find the person she was there. She is drifting apart from her childhood best friend and from her strict family. She lost interest in all her subjects and is failing all her classes and she can’t make any friends. She then decides to change something in her life and joins a Shakespeare class.

Allyson becomes friends with Dee who helps her realize that she might’ve gotten all of it wrong and how she should try and find Willem and find out what really happened. The problem is, she doesn’t even know his last name, so he is as mysterious as any other stranger! She searches for a Dutch Willem all over the internet without any results. Allyson is doing a little better now that she has removed some of her pre-med subjects and made some friends from her Shakespeare class.

 “The line between true self and feigned self is blurred on all sides.”

The third part of the book is set during Allyson’s summer vacation. Allyson decides to go to Paris and ask people about Will. She gets into a huge fight with her mom about her university classes. She starts working excessively in a restaurant to raise enough money to take French classes and buy tickets to Paris. She works super hard and learns the basics of French and is ready to travel alone to Paris! She can’t find Will anywhere no matter how many trails she follows. She finds out that he was badly injured on that day and that he left her a note. She becomes friends with some tourists who help her out. In the end after travelling to Holland she coincidentally ends up watching Will perform on a real stage but she sees him in love with another girl. Allyson isn’t as crushed as she would’ve thought because she learned that he hadn’t willingly abandoned her and that she finally became the person she wanted to be.      

My thoughts:

I enjoyed the first part of the book with Lulu and Will a lot! They had so much fun and got to do insane things. I loved the way they explored the real Paris which is not what you’d expect to see. The best way to discover a place is to see which direction the tourists go then go in the opposite direction. I found the love between Lulu and Will really adorable and warming. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a person who showed them the best in themselves? I loved the way the author portrayed the city and its culture and how I could easily smell the food they were having, or feel the emotions Lulu was experiencing.

The second part of the book was exceedingly depressing. I could relate to Allyson who couldn’t find joy in anything going on around her and how she was simply dead on the inside no matter what she tried. I felt every single doubt and thought that crossed her mind and found myself falling into a dark mood just like Allyson. It was freaky how her life showed everything I fear might happen to me in the near future. I hated her best friend Melanie for being selfish and not understanding Allyson so much! I also didn’t like how her mom was way too fixated on her daughter’s every decision!

The third part of the book is my favourite, it was extremely uplifting and inspirational. Seeing Allyson make her own decisions and join different classes was great. I loved her Shakespeare classes, it’s a really different way of analysing his plays-which to be frank, I learned all about from only this book. All the plays meant something different but correlated to Allyson’s own life!

I especially adored Dee! He was such an amazing guy, and he made me crack up about everything. He was mostly who helped encourage Allyson to be herself. I wish I got to read more about that loveable guy! Allyson’s roommates were pretty sweet too, helping her call clubs and giving her ideas!

“Travelling’s not something you’re good at. It’s something you do. Like breathing. You can’t work too much at it, or it feels like work. You have to surrender yourself to the chaos. To the accidents.”

I loved how everyone decided to help Allyson find Will even though they were complete strangers! I loved the determination Allyson showed when she wanted to learn French and get enough money. Allyson managed to travel all on her own, and she became independent, and I couldn’t have been more proud! She talked to people, hung out with them, gave them adventures. She faced all her fears and even went to Holland which had a gorgeous setting and beautiful descriptions. I loved how she helped Wren with her Bucket List and how she ended up watching Will perform As You Like It on a stage! Coincidences everywhere!

In the end, Allyson didn’t even get back to Will but she realized that she had found her real self and I loved every part of her journey of self discovery, and I literally aspire to be the Allyson that learned a language in 3 months and travelled and met new people! Although it was not as good as If I Stay and Where She Went, Just One Day inspired me and I can’t wait to read the sequel from Will’s POV!

 Did you read this book? What did you think?

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Fangirl Alert!!! 

Hello bloggers! I have wonderful priceless information for the lucky Sherlock fans! Watch this video about Sherlock’s season 4 teaser trailer and prepare to combust of excitement then lets obsess and fangirl together because I am desperate ;)!!


I watched the video 4 times to make sure I memorised everything and I shed a few tears every time! Ugh I can’t believe I have to wait for next year for this! I know it might mean something else and that Sherlock might not have meant what I think he meant, but still I have hope now. I can’t believe all my fantasies about them might come true!! I am prepared to go down with this ship and I will fight anyone who says otherwise!!! My heart couldn’t have been more active than it is right now!!

*fangirl squealing* *hyperventilating* *asdfghjkl*


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